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Mona's Chocolates

Finals Study Snack Sack

Finals Study Snack Sack

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Finals Study Snack Sack will include Mona's Chocolates along with other sweet and savory favorites.  

Six Mona's Chocolates Cake Pops
Two Mona's Chocolates Famous PB Buckeyes
Capri Sun 
Pudding, Granola Bar & Fruit Gummies 

Taking Orders 

*Mug is NOT included* 

Not sold in-store only online by preorder  

Free delivery to Westminster College mailroom.
 Nationwide shipping available 

Please note: items might be substituted to equal value if needed.  Pudding, Capri Sun and cookies will vary from bag to bag, but Mona’s Chocolates will remain the same in all bags. 

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